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The Next Big Thing in Art Sales: How the Co-Pilot Model Will Change the Game for Artists

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April 25, 2023

I’m here to warn you that a major shift is coming to the art world.

I’ve seen this happen before.

My companies have sold a staggering $500 million worth of products and services to over 100,000 artists in just 20 years. 

I’ve seen it all. 

I've been in the trenches of the art world, and now I'm getting those same goosebumps I got when I saw the other major shifts that rocked the art world.

We'll review some of those in a second, but the core reason you’re reading this article is that I want you to know about the absolute TSUNAMI of art-selling opportunities that is coming.

And the thing about these seismic shifts in the art world is that they’re happening at a faster and faster rate.

This next one is going to be a bullet train and  It’ll be up to you if you want to jump on.

Before I reveal the next evolution in the art industry, it’s important to briefly look at the changes that shaped the industry in the last few years. 

Hang with me here for a brief history lesson…

The Art World's Evolutions: Uncovered


This change was groundbreaking. 

Artists shifted from limited inventory and large print runs to unlimited inventory and single-unit prints. 

Upfront capital was still required, but it was reduced. Artists and photographers no longer needed to allocate a spare bedroom or garage full of yet-to-be-sold prints.

The catch? Marketing and distribution still relied on third parties like galleries and publishers.

Online Ecommerce

Every luddite circa 1995: “Give several thousands of dollars to a stranger on the internet? You’re crazy!”

With the rise of ecomm, all of the sudden, artists could sell directly to anyone worldwide through their own websites or marketplaces. 

Distribution was unlocked, but marketing remained unsolved. Artists struggled, juggling tech and marketing on top of their creative work.

Artists gained freedom to have their own online gallery and build their own distribution.

The catch on this one? They had to learn marketing and sales to thrive. Not easy!

Automated Print Fulfillment

API advancements unlocked automated print fulfillment, allowing artists to offer their work on various media types and frames. 

Automated Print Fulfillment freed artists from having to wear the “printer” hat. 

They could focus on creating more but still had to figure out how to market and sell their art (or pay someone a lot to do it for them).

Okay, history lesson over.

Now, there’s one more hat that is coming off..

Introducing: The Art Business Co-Pilot Model

In the world of art sales, success is not just about creating amazing works of art.

It also takes consistently getting your work in front of the right people.

This is marketing in its most basic form. 

The problem is that marketing is moving so fast, who has time to keep up with it??

Keeping up with the ever changing world of social media algorithm changes, SEO updates, and newest trends are absolutely exhausting and overwhelming.

“Oh, now I have to figure out how to work TikTok?”

What artist has time for this? And be expected to create amazing work?!

Well that begs the question and leads me to the next world-changing paradigm shift in art marketing…

What if artists could just focus on creating?

What if they could replicate the leading marketing experts strategies AND have them executed for them? 

Imagine focusing on your art while outsourcing tech and marketing responsibilities to experts. 

You’re about to witness what I’m calling the “Co-Pilot Revolution”.

Now with the advancement of efficient tech-enabled services, we’re seeing the ability of marketing experts to provide their world-class strategies at scale for affordable prices.

Pairing your creative talent with a tech-enabled art marketing expert that does the promotion for you is the next big thing. 

This Art Business Co-Pilot Model is the next big force-multiplier.

It’s like having a team of marketers working on your staff, while you focus on the stuff that matters.

Artists employing this model are certainly the next winners.

It’s marketing your art on steroids.

Artists not using this model, especially with AI quickly advancing, will be crowded out or left behind.   

It’s automobiles in the face of horse-drawn carriages. It’s Netflix in the face of Blockbuster.

Okay, you get it…So how do you get on this Co-Pilot Model? Where can you find the right “Co-Pilot”? 

I can tell you, it's not about finding a random tech person or a generalist marketer.

That would be like me commissioning Ralph, the guy that paints my house interior, to recreate a Monet. Ralph is a maestro on the baseboards but struggles with water lilies. 

No, it's about partnering with specialists who have extensive real-world experience in managing the tech and marketing aspects of your art business.

A true specialist will not only require no training from you but will also teach you valuable insights about the industry.

Why You Need the Art Business Co-Pilot Model

This model allows artists like you to focus on their number one job: creating an amazing product line. 

When you outsource  the tech and marketing responsibilities to experts, you dedicate more time to perfecting your craft and growing your business.

Just how Print-on-Demand and Auto Fulfillment allow artist entrepreneurs to throw away their shipping and logistics “hats”, they can now take off that ill-fitting marketing hat. 

Act Now: Embrace the Future of the Art World

The Art Business Co-Pilot Model is the next evolution in the art industry.

“But I’m actually pretty good at marketing my art!” 

Even if you’re a decent marketer already, it’s irrational to keep the basic stuff on your plate.

It provides a “base” layer of marketing that you no longer have to execute on.

Think about all the mundane or nerve-racking marketing tasks you have to do these days just to sell some art…

- Finish the piece after weeks of telling yourself  “it’s not quite ready”

- Find someone to scan photo of the piece

- Get the photos and upload photo to your site…hopefully Art Storefronts ;) 

- Crop the photos to fit Instagram

- Say something clever or inspiring about the piece

- Get distracted by cat-video Reels. Waste 20 min going down that rabbit-hole.

- Finally remember what you opened the app to do

- Research hashtags. #whatamidoingwithmylifewhyisthissotimeconsuming

- Make sure your site is ready for customers to purchase

- Write out an email about your new piece  

- Get distracted from a customer calling you

- Email isn’t working. Call MailChimp support. No answer.

- Forgot that you never posted on social.

- Finally, send out that email.

- Post on Instagram. Misspell “piece”. 🤦

- Wait 1 min. “No hearts, no sales. I must have done something wrong!” 

That’s hours of work! And on top of that, it’s stressful if your art business doesn’t have traction.

And you HAVE TO DO THIS CONSISTENTLY for the social media gods to reward your efforts.

Well, what if you can eliminate 90% of that stress and workload for less than what you pay for dinner each week? 

Would you take that trade?

Of course you would!  

Here at Art Storefronts, I’m on a mission to make sure every one of our customers has a Co-Pilot. Our “tack-on” service is called Art Marketing Co-Pilot. 

And heed my words. It’s truly revolutionary.

But don’t take my word for it, just check out some of these testimonials from customers that have been on our Co-Pilot service for just a few weeks..

Right now, this is an unfair advantage to anyone using the Art Storefronts platform with a Co-Pilot subscription. And we have the data to prove it. 

But against my better judgment, I’ve decided to  not limit this ground breaking model to just ASF customers.

Here’s my ask…

If you’re fully entrenched in your current website platform, that’s totally fine. Maybe Art Storefronts wasn’t for you, or we didn’t get to you in the first place when you were in the market for a website platform. Maybe we were outside of your budget.

I also get why you might have shut the door on Art Storefronts. Switching to a whole new website can be a big pain.

But there is NO REASON why you shouldn't allow us to help you with marketing. 

This is an open call to any non-ASF member that’s a serious artist or photographer that wants on the Co-Pilot bullet train.

I’m looking for 20 serious artists that have a Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, Etsy or other similar website platform. 

Your website might be lacking important features to help sell more art, but don’t stack the deck against your marketing.

If you’re interested, go to ARTMARKETINGCOPILOT.COM and fill out the form. 

Fill out this form if you’re interested and we will send you more info 

Get on board with the Art Business Co-Pilot Model and revolutionize your art business today.

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