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With Art Marketing Co-Pilot, our expert marketing team performs a powerful social media strategy each month at an incredible price to help your art business stay engaging, grow its following, and make more sales. We do the marketing so you can focus on creating.

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We all know social media marketing can consume a ton of time. Co-Pilot can help you utilize social media with a low-cost, low-time and efficient approach to grow your art business's audience and sales. Here's how we help...
Jim Livingston
April 24 · 
WIN: Copilot Report.
February and March so me in bed a lot for health stuff and a lot of that was sleeping. And that is the biggest reason for signing up for the Copilot program.  There was a hiccup on my end for the copilot in that because of being out of it, I didn't do my part so it started late, almost a month late.
But when it started it did so wonderfully.  The sales are consistent.  I am so pleased with it.  In fact the sales easily pay for the service.
I don't know what I would do witout Art Storefronts to be honest.  I am not posting here like I used to mostly because of health stuff, but I read daily and cheer all of you on.
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Arielle Akasha Star
March 22 · 
I'm 8 days into Art Marketing Co-Pilot.
Today I had two small sales, a print, and two mugs. Both from people I've never even heard of or seen on my FB pages before.
I've also had several messages and inquiries about paintings posted..... At first I wasnt impressed. The posts seem so simple and kind of impersonal..... But the variation from my usual voice seems to be actually attracting a lot of attention from my audiences. Its epic. Grateful.
Its been months since I've sold a print on my site. SO, two sales, even if small, in one day, feels pretty significant.
Thank you Co-Pilot!!!!!


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Art Marketing Co-Pilot is a tech-enabled service with expert art marketers running it behind the scenes. Not only do we run your social media, we give you our six-figure artist strategy every single month.

Jason Nowitzki
April 1 · 
So the Co-pilot works! Now I need to build my list. I only have a handful of email addresses but the constant marketing brought in a sale of coasters! I haven’t sold anything in a long long time so this is a huge win even though it’s a small sale.
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Fran Johnson
March 25 · 
I sold 2 original paintings this weekend during my Spring Sale and I am so thrilled that I joined with ART MARKETING CO-PILOT. My co-pilot Miljan did a great job steering customers to my website. Thank you ASF
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Amanda Faith Thompson
April 3 · 
The repetitive emails sent out by Copilot are..... useful for selling art! 3 sales
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Kim Howes Zabbia Artist
April 7 · 
I have to make a huge ShoutOut to ASF’s CoPilot team!! When they said your Spring Sale starts Monday! I thought yeah sure. I didn’t have time to fool with that!
Then I woke up Tuesday to orders coming in! I sold over $5000! worth in just a week! Six prints and merch (of really old work too that I had forgotten was even on the site!) and 6, no 7 originals!! It happened so fast and they were posting for me like mad! And then an email came out! Twice!
Ok that was last week! I can’t wait to see what they sell for me for Mother’s Day! My sanity has been restored!! Thanks team!
Pete Sanderson
March 27 · 
Co-Pilot experience.
March, my first month of Co-Pilot, resulted in a 230% increase in my website visits, 95% new visitors. WOW!!
I sold 5 pieces that I likely would not have made otherwise.
This all happened while I was down with Covid for a week. I am recovering well.
Paula Tremba
March 24 · 
A very small win, but I reached 350 followers today on IG! I’ve been plodding along with gaining 5 followers a month 3 the next, loose 2 etc. So I’ve been posting more and doing more reels than I did in the past, but still had a big fluctuation.
Since I started the Co-Pilot, which posts more than I could ever do, I’ve had the biggest gain in followers. I started March with 333 followers and so far have gained 17 new and the month isn’t over! I know not all of these are true, sincere followers, and my numbers may go down tomorrow or whenever, but I’m seeing the results of quality daily posting.
Elaine Schaefer Hudson
April 3 · 
Small? no BIG win. Sold the first original from the website. And it was one of the ones featured in the copilot posts. WOOT! I'm into the 2nd year of ASF, and this month, so far 2 canvas prints, 4 mugs, one ornament, one phone case and this original. This is giddy making.
Beautiful Purpose Art
April 3 · 
I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge my copilot, Dusan Cubic. I know yesterday’s post was generic, but it sounded so much like me, I almost cried reading it.
I know the first week of copilot had some fits and starts, but I had faith we would get here and we did.
Thanks to everyone at Art Storefronts for making my business life a little (a lot) easier.
‍Photo for attention: Sweet Magnolia WIP
Melanie Burns Artist
March 24 · 
I wanted to give ASF and co-pilot a giant thank you. I love the way the auto response emails are sent out and even though I'm fairly new and haven't sold much as of yet, I have sold. My most recent collector won an auction item I had donated to the Alaska Sea Center in Seward. I would not have know that had the auto response email not gone out that suggested other products as well. She thanked me for the email and now I will have a chance to tell her what fairs to find me at. I'm super excited to have a return customer. It all takes time and consistency and most of all patience!
Heather Eck Artist
April 3 · 
I am using the co-pilot services and I wanted to share two of my experiences with it. I’ve been with ASF since June 2021.

1️⃣My dad had surgery this week so it hard for me to stay connected to social media. This is one of the places where co-pilot is exceptionally helpful - they handled all of my posts & I could remain present with Dad. (He’s doing great, BTW)

🙏🏻 I think I would like to tailor some of them a bit more in my voice but they got the posts out there consistently which was a major help.

2️⃣The second benefit is that they ran my Spring Sale. While it didn’t result in any sales this time, they handled the emails with the suggested cadence and it took much of the anxiety out of the process for me. Sometimes I’ll get in my own way and think “oh, man, that’s a lot of emails” but I surrendered to the process and it felt good to let that go and know it was being handled for me.

❤️All in all, I am happy with this service so far. I’d love to see some data and analysis around the posts insights, email opens, and of course sales, but just wanted to pass it along! (Pic as a bonus for getting to the end of my long post!) 😆
Megh Knappenberger
April 21 · 
Hey ASF fam! CoPilot saved my butt this week, wanted to share my experience.

This week has been really busy because I’m finalizing a monster proposal for filling a building with original art. This is the kind of important work I should and want to be spending my time on! BUT, so is continuing to run my seasonal sales because that’s the engine that runs my business. Without CoPilot, I would not have had time to queue up my Mother’s Day sale. In 5 minutes, I reviewed everything for the sale AND was able to still get some great romance content out earlier this week. The sale is running, orders are coming in and everything’s getting done. Magic.

One of the things I think about a lot is how to “play the hits” while simultaneously sharing new work. I think we’re all a bit like rock stars in that way 😊 Like most of you, my main strategy is making something once that I can continue to sell infinitely. But in order to do that, I need to continue marketing it regularly. As my library of work has grown, this has become harder for me (even with help) to execute. Honestly, most of my marketing efforts go towards telling new stories because that’s what I like doing. Once I’ve cycled through a project, the re-sharing of it becomes like a chore - even though it is new to everyone else.

I have realized that my marketing is like two parallel lines that sometimes squiggle together. On the one side - all the hits. On the other - new work.

All the content is already there for the hits. And it’s all on my website. This is the genius of Copilot, because it pulls that content directly from my site. That work can be constantly out there finding new eyeballs and generating income. But continuously scheduling and sharing existing work alongside all of the new stuff is a time-suck and I don’t do it. What ends up happening is that I try to cram all of this into the few emails and social posts I schedule each week. It dilutes my romance content and leaves out so much. And that’s on a good week when I’m actually thinking about marketing and not nose-deep in paint.

When I reviewed the first set of posts - I’m embarrassed to say -  that some of the featured work was stuff I haven’t talked about in YEARS. I was like, wow, this has the potential to create revenue from ALL the work on my site instead of just the ones I have time to talk about.

I’ve tried hiring out this kind of help and it is beyond expensive. CoPilot is so affordable.

Anyway, had to share. It’s awesome and everyone should do it.
Chris Grimm
April 21 · 
What an awesome story! My experience is similar. I’ve found that Co-Pilot is my base, my floor. Even if I’m too busy to market, my base is still getting it done and building consistency. That’s the amazing part: sending a consistent message. And, when I can do more marketing on my own, I do. I’m just adding to the base. C-P isn‘t perfect, but it’s definitely added needed consistency to my site.
Elizabeth Betty Moore
April 23 · 
After reading Megh's comments, I also wanted to share my experience with CoPilot. I was really feeling the anxiety to do something for Mother's Day and keep up with the calendar. As a full time artist and part-time staff at the Missouri Botanical Garden, I have been overwhelmed with trying to create artwork, market my work and website, and spend time with family. I saw Patrick's reel on Instagram for CoPilot and immediately signed up for the program. It's been a great experience. I was pleasantly surprised when they launched my Mother's Day sale, sent out email and loaded my social sites with photos and original artwork. Wow, I've had sales and lots of enquiries. It's such a relief to know I have a dedicated ASF staff to help me reach new customers and stay connected with collectors. This past week, I attended Opening Receptions at three galleries with one of my sculptures receiving third place! Now I have time to create art, work in my garden and even clean my studio. The CoPilot has been a game changer for me.
Trine Churchill studio
March 23 · 
I might be too much of a control freak to get the full benefit of co-pilot program (can't help but changing the voice here and there), BUT I have to say that it is helping post things with a fresh eye on what I have available on my website and gives it new angles to the posts.
Also, I am now posting every day and getting engagement from some new audience, which is great! So thank you for the push!
(pictured is work in progress for engagement. I am behind on the Spring event - wanted to offer a series of small fresh originals based on spring colors inspired by the Bloomingdale's catalogue!)

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Jim Livingston
February 17 · 
Win.  The last 2 years have seen a lot of wins and losses, mostly it has become more and more difficult to work with my and my wife's health.  I consider the co-pilot program a win especially in my situation.  Honestly, I didn't have the money and boom a sale happened that made enough money to pay for the 3-month program.

I am so grateful for ASF.  I am sitting here crying frankly. This program has paid for things that insurance and Medicare wouldn't.  I frankly do not think my wife would be alive if it were not for the income ASF has allowed me.  

When I was doing pretty good health wise, I tried so hard to follow the art Marketing Calendar and frankly I learned, just ship it, just do what they say, and it will work.  But then when you spend several weeks in the hospital and half the time your gorked out on meds etc etc etc.  keeping up is just hard to do.  And my income dropped but I'll be darned if by pure momentum if the income didn't keep on.  Not as big but it was still there.

To me Patrick Shanahan, Nick Friend Taylor Sinople while I have never met them, (and the other ASF staff) are some of my biggest heroes.  And if you know my life, that is no small thing to say.   Thanks fellows and thank you to each of you here on small wins. I don't post as often as I used to, but I read almost daily.  This group is so valuable.  I have made some dang fine friends here.

Looking forward to copilot helping me stay somewhat on track.  WIN

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